Who's he? He's a Church of England vicar. That's who he is. Oh, and since 2011 he's been a Lord and current Minister of State for Trade and Investment. But before that? Well before that he Chairman of the HSBC Group form 2006 to 2010 and CEO of the same group (I know that shouldn't happen, but hey, why worry about rules on ethics?) from 2003 to 2006.
Things you’re more likely to do than change your bank: get divorced, change job and move your home. So when British consumers
Bankers who have committed crimes must be brought to trial, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke insisted on Saturday. Asked about
More than 10% of shareholder votes went against HSBC's pay report at its annual meeting today after the banking giant's boss
Banking giant HSBC today said it was "eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy" as it confirmed more than 2,200 job cuts in the
One of the biggest banks in the world, HSBC, is this week expected to announce some 2,000 UK job cuts as part of a restructuring
HSBC reported pre-tax profits of $21.9bn (£13.8 billion) in 2011, an increase of 15% on a year earlier. The profits announcement
Profits of more than £14 billion and a pay package worth up to £12.5 million for its chief executive are set to be revealed
Banking giant HSBC is to axe hundreds of jobs in response to a "very challenging" economic environment. The bank, which has
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has fined HSBC £10.5m, its largest ever retail penalty, after finding that the bank's