A group of HSBC bankers were fired on Monday after carrying out a mock Islamic State-style execution on an Asian colleague
The news that the bank is looking to cut UK jobs in an effort to boost profits has not gone down well. Europe's biggest bank
"Only connect." The famous phrase is E.M. Forster's, from his novel Howard's End. It has become commonplace to argue that
Now is a great time for anyone who wants to remortgage their property. Rates have plummeted in recent years, so that in many
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When you first move out of home, there’s no question for most people that renting is the most sensible option. Throughout
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Astronomers have just found nothing. Hold the front page! Actually, they have found so much nothing that it made the news
Working as a CEO mentor for over 18 years now, I have had the privilege of working with a number of truly inspirational 'greats'. The two traits that they all have though, are gravitas and charisma. They know their stuff and they emit an aura - even the shy ones.
HSBC threatened to relocate its headquarters outside the UK on Friday, a move floated by the Chairman Douglas Flint in response
The chair of the BBC trust has been told she should resign for being "incredibly naive or totally incompetent" over the HSBC
Oborne is right that HSBC's behaviour in helping clients avoid tax was shameful (if not illegal) but he's wrong that the Telegraph's response was just as shameful or immoral. If you're a cynic like me, you might view it as not terribly unusual. And you might wonder how interested the newspaper's readers will be once the story has died down.