HTC Vive

tech for good There is still the odd zombie shooter, and zombies jumping up on you in virtual reality is very, very frightening. Beyond slaughtering undead hordes, are there more constructive applications of virtual reality technology? Yes, and the possibilities are endless....
There are also grand plans to incorporate VR into military strategy, to prepare NASA astronauts for their first voyage into space and even to train apprentice welders. The opportunities, it appears, are limitless.
Apollo 11 (£10.99) Talking of proof of concept, it doesn't get much more epic than this. Like 'theBlu' it's predominantly
Gamers, movie-goers, entertainment enthusiasts or, quite simply, experience-hungry millennials are crying for mainstream, cheaper virtual reality. But as new VR kid on the block Vive continues to intrigue users, we have to ask ourselves who will end up being credited with bringing this incredible technology to the masses.
The HTC Vive is without doubt, one of the best virtual reality experiences we've ever tried. HTC's Vive virtual reality headset
If you haven't yet tried a virtual reality headset of any kind yet we have to wonder, where have you been hiding? The technology
New technology always creates a buzz, but the overwhelming online feedback has been one of dismay at the price. Yes, it costs roughly $100 more than expected, but of all the feedback, it's surprising to see how many hardcore gamers and journalists seem to be taken aback, with the internet now rife with complaints and moaning.