Boris Johnson appoints former defence secretary as education secretary.
Difficult conversations will still be needed in Washington, London and elsewhere in the coming months, but the security of 5G is finally getting the attention it deserves.
Chinese tech giant Huawei has been in the headlines this week. First, the US first blacklisted it, causing Google to halt business relations with them. Then the US rolled back the ban and gave Huawei a 90-day trading license. We look into why the US is fighting with Huawei, how much of it is to do with security and the growing trade war between the US and China.
Gavin Williamson has called the investigation a “shabby and discredited witch hunt”.
The inside story of how one of Theresa May's most trusted allies fell from grace.
Tory MP blasts PM for damaging alliance with US.
Gavin Williamson initially lashed out by suggesting Cabinet Office secretariat responsible.
Culture and media secretary Jeremy Wright made an emergency statement to MPs.
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