Hubble Telescope

NASA has fully embraced the power of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with this stunning new picture taken courtesy of the Hubble
The Hubble Telescope has captured a stunning image of a spiral galaxy, 35 million light-years away, very similar in mass
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has just uncovered some strange happenings in the Milky Way galaxy involving an ageing star
A team of scientists have used Hubble to discover that our galaxy the Milky Way could already be in the process of colliding
NASA and the ESA are celebrating the Hubble telescope's 25th anniversary and have released this stunning new image showing
NASA's iconic space telescope Hubble, is 25 years old today. Happy Birthday Hubble. To celebrate 25 years of exploring, NASA
In the most comprehensive survey of its kind, astronomers have been able to paint an accurate picture of the 'baby boom' which
2015, if you weren't aware, is the United Nations' International Year of Light. It is a global recognition of the importance
By blindly insisting the creation myth of the Semitic tribes who became the Jewish people is fact - and telling children it is a valid alternative to the Big Bang - evangelical Christians are attributing to God the lack of imagination that cripples their own view of both humanity and the wider universe.
A mountain-sized comet is expected to pass by Mars in an astronomical 'near miss' that'll see the huge object fly by the