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It's bad news for anyone who likes seeing a pointy-clawed Hugh Jackman with his top off - he's only gone and hinted that
When I think of what I have given up: my freedom, my body, my youth, my sanity, my raw sexual magnitude and so on, I feel that I deserve at the very least to be thanked by those who have robbed me of these treasures.
When the world isn't staring in awe at Hugh Jackman's ripped physique as Wolverine in X-Men, it's no doubt wondering how
Hugh Jackman has revealed he has sex dressed as his fierce X-Men character Wolverine. The Aussie actor joked in an interview
With 'The Wolverine' almost back on our screens, no doubt we'll be treated to many more pictures than usual of Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman was given an expert dance lesson on the set of his latest X-Men movie 'The Wolverine' earlier this week when
Hugh Jackman has been photographed with a rather impressive beard on the set of Wolverine in Australia. The sequel to 2009
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