Hugo Chavez

Over the coming days and weeks, plenty will be said on Chavez. Some analysis will be fair and well researched; other accounts will pass through the distorting lens of Western interests. As the case of Suharto demonstrates, this lens can play optical tricks, indeed millions can be wiped from the record.
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Hundreds of thousands of mourners have flooded the streets of the Caracas to honour Hugo Chavez. The Venezuelan capital was
Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced on 5 March that the controversial figure and President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, is dead. Having battled with cancer since 2011, news of the death of the 58 year old will not have surprised many yet Chavez's sudden departure has led to questions of what will happen next.
The tragic death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has reverberated around the world in a manner befitting his impact not only on the lives of millions of Venezuela's poor, but on the poor and supporters of justice everywhere.
Venezuela has declared a week of mourning after the death of president Hugo Chavez on Tuesday. After 14 years as the country's
Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, has died of cancer at the age of 58. From his humble beginnings on the plains of Barinas
Tributes have been pouring in for Hugo Chavez after the Venezuelan leader lost a two-year battle with cancer on Tuesday night
Breast implants, the Falkland Islands and how capitalism may have ended life on Mars. The late Hugo Chavez had an opinion