Hugo Chavez

The ten things you need to know on Wednesday 6 March 2013... 1) ADIOS, PRESIDENTE 'El Commandante' is gone. Headline-grabbing
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Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's president for nearly 14 years, has died after battling with cancer. The man who led a leftist revolution
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is not 'fighting for his life' in hospital as he goes through chemotherapy following his
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez's ill health is likely to prevent him from being able to take his fourth oath of office
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is in a "delicate and complex" condition after undergoing cancer surgery in Cuba three weeks
To the west of the country, the Sierra de Perijá, a stretch of both mountains and plains, traces the conflictive border zone between Colombia and Venezuela. The region's inhabitants are, today, a mixture of indigenous groups, cattle farmers, both rich and humble, and the inevitable generational pool of all three.
When I arrived in Caracas, it soon became apparent that the election the British media was reporting wasn't the same election campaign being experienced by hundreds of thousands of ordinary Venezuelans.
The illegitimacy of the doctored footage did not worry the mainstream Venezuelan press in the least. The broadcasting company Venevision, headed by Gustavo Cisneros (a media mogul very much in the Rupert Murdoch vein), had no qualms about running the incendiary images on a loop in the hours and days which followed the coup.
The Chavez regime has its problems; including crime, corruption and the unremitting hostility of the United States. Perhaps the biggest problem is the health of Chavez himself. If his cancer were to return, there is no succession plan. But last night in the balmy Venezuelan night air, as the city of Caracas erupted with joy around us, there could be no doubt that the poor of Venezuela saw a victory for Chavez as a victory for themselves.