human genome

Imagine a scenario where that tiny little human life you created receives an earth shattering diagnosis. The doctors have no information about what it means or how it will affect your little one. Your family is left at the crossroads. You don't know where to go or who to turn to. What help will my child need? How can I get it? Where do I get information? Who can help me and my family? Why me, why us?
No-one has ever attempted whole genome sequencing on this scale before. Much of our work until now has been in establishing the tools and infrastructure we need to deliver results to 100s of participants a week.
A genome taken from a 36,000-year-old skeleton has helped scientists shed new light on interbreeding between humans and Neanderthals
Certain kinds of albino dogs share a gene mutation with humans that causes then to have little or no pigment in their eyes
The first team has officially registered for the Archon X Prize to unlock the secret of living to 100. The $10m prize will
Scientists have discovered 29 new gene variants that are implicated in multiple sclerosis, following the largest ever study