"We stand behind its overall integrity" declares the official statement from Boeing regarding the grounding of its fleet of 787s. This brings images to my mind of 'Chemical Ali' - the Iraqi minister who declared that they were winning the war, as Baghdad burnt behind him.
The Olympics have reminded us there is more to sport than just football. As a kid, I remember watching any sport that I could on TV largely due to the fact that there was no football on it. In those days a year's worth of televised live footy could be comfortably watched in a single afternoon. Today, men's football is ubiquitous, so it was ironic that our representatives in The-Only-Sport-That-Matters-TM bowed out quietly, with yet another bathetic penalties defeat in the Quarter-Final, on what was arguably the greatest night for British Sport since 1966. It would be great to think that the FA and the Premiership were capable of learning something from this.
The way doctor-patient relationships have evolved was pinpointed recently in the House of Lords by Lord Walton, an experienced neurologist and physician.
Employees like it as it shows they are being led by someone authentically human - with frailties just like them. So has Rupert Murdoch displayed humility in leadership?