Millions of people in Yemen are starving and in desperate need of aid humanitarian workers have warned, just days after a
The UK Government has already committed some money but it should urgently clarify the level of humanitarian investment it intends to make in the Sahel region, and back proposals for donors to urgently come together at a conference to commit to more life-saving support.
When I wrote back in January that we need to talk about the risk of famine in Niger, I had no idea then that an already very complex situation was about to see yet another twist in the tale develop.
The world's poorest families are cutting back on food and sending children out to work in order to survive, according to
I am writing this blog from Tanzania where, on Friday I met some villagers from Kisarawe, which is a three-hour drive north west of Dar es Salaam. The villagers have been affected by a massive landgrab by a British company called Sun Biofuels.
Just less than a month ago, we moved house from Edinburgh to the South East of England, so that my husband could start his new job with Save the Children. Ever since then our 2 and a half-year-old son Tom has been working really hard to understand what his dad's new job is all about.
Ever wondered why you find it hard to keep your temper under control when you haven't eaten for a while? According to researchers
Lately I have been watching old episodes of Man Vs Food on the Good Food Channel hosted by the legendary Adam Richman. I