hurricane irene

For one thing, while we can aim to limit climate change to such levels, it's rather like playing 'pin the tail on the donkey.' Global climate systems are incredibly complex, and understanding the long-term impact of emissions is near impossible.
New York City is in lockdown as the American east coast braces itself for mega-storm Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Should us weather obsessed Brits be worried? Well yes, to be honest. This ex-hurricane is potent and currently blowing gusts of 60-70mph over Scotland and North Wales, stronger winds have been measured over exposed hills.
What may be less well-known is that each region of the world has their own list of names for hurricanes and tropical storms which crop up in that area; and it's interesting to see how the names chosen reflect the cultures of the areas in which they fall.
Hurricane Irene hit the United States on Saturday, battering the Eastern Seaboard with winds as strong as 115 mph. But while