Hurricane Irma

Darius Brown started producing bow ties for cats and dogs in the wake of Hurricane Irma in 2017, when he discovered many of them were set to be euthanised unless they found new owners. The teenager hopes the ties will help them stand out to their potential new owners.
From Manchester and Myanmar to Libya and London here we take a look back at 2017
Seeing the impact on people's lives here in Antigua and Barbuda is a reminder that our international development policy cannot succeed unless we get to grips with the root causes of global climate change, inequality and poverty. To do that, we must set about making the world fairer, as well as less poor. That is something a Labour government is ready to step up and deliver.
By the time that Hurricane Irma crashed through the Caribbean, flattening entire towns, flooding others and leaving tens
The Labour Party has a tradition of inviting pre-eminent international speakers to address its conference. President Bill Clinton did it twice in 2002 and 2006, and the late, great, Nelson Mandela addressed the conference in Brighton in 2000.
Instead of the standard reactions and urgings to adapt to new climate realities, Britain could play an important role in identifying the need for responses that take their lead from the people most directly affected - most of whom would argue that they have not been listened to so far.
The UK needs to bring its arms policy into line with its humanitarian principles. The devastation caused to the British Virgin
If ever an industry has been misunderstood, it is gaming. The stereotypical gamer is a teenage boy playing violent games in his bedroom. But the reality could not be further from the truth. The community is close knit, supportive and keenly socially conscious.
In some communities, 80 to 90 percent of homes have been completely destroyed.
The owner of a dog rescue raised funds and swooped in to get dogs and cats out of harm's way before Maria hit.
The U.S. territory is still dealing with the consequences from Hurricane Irma.
'I am at the complete mercy of the hurricane' PM says in live updates.
The hurricane was upgraded to a category five storm before making landfall in Dominica, with winds of up to 155mph, according
Islands still reeling from Irma are bracing for another devastating hit.
Just days after Hurricane Irma's devastation, several storms are gaining strength.
1) 100 Rampaging Prisoners Freed By Hurricane Irma Captured More than 100 criminals who escaped from a prison in the British
The British Virgin Islands have been absolutely devastated in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Almost all houses have been destroyed, there is no food, no water and no electricity. Right now, it's crucial that people, especially children, stuck in the BVI get off the islands for the sake of health, safety, and security. Sadly, the location is currently unlivable... My severe disappointment in the UK Government's response to this disaster was only overcome by the extreme altruism and genuine concern for human life and dignity that I've witnessed from all those who care about the BVI and the people in it.