Hurricane Sandy

A National Guard humvee travels through high water to check the area after the effects of Hurricane Sandy Sandy's winds were
Superstorm Sandy battered parts of the East Coast of the US overnight, with at least 13 dead. Five and a half million people
Dramatic video has been released of the rescue of 14 people from the 180-foot sailing ship HMS Bounty. The boat lost power
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As Hurricane Sandy moves towards America's East Coast, so are a number of thrillseekers. Drawn by the heavy winds, one woman
As the east coast of America hunkered down in fear over the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, one man in Washington, DC dared to
The US Coast Guard rescued 14 people from the 180-foot sailing ship HMS Bounty on Monday, with two crew members still missing
Hunkered down just a mile from the White House I can't help but wonder with a little more than a week to go, before Election Day could "Frankenstorm" aka "Sandy" become Obama's "October Surprise" and possibly his Katrina Moment?
Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the American east coast and residents are boarding up their houses in preparation of the
A Disney cruise had a decidedly non-fairytale ending on Friday after it ran into high seas and gale force winds from Hurricane