Drinking enough water can be a challenge. These tricks will up your H2O intake without you even realising it.
This scientific research gives a clear-cut answer.
With September now upon us, it is the perfect time for a fresh start. September has been billed as the unofficial second New Year, where resolutions and targets can be made. Personally I couldn't agree more.
However, when it comes to older people, we must accompany this general guide with a flexible approach to nutrition that emphasises personal choice and individual freedom. The unique circumstances faced by people of older age mean we must sometimes modify and re-shape the Eatwell Guide to enhance both physical and mental wellbeing.
On a daily basis, I work with care and dining teams to promote high-quality, nutritious ingredients and develop innovations in nutrition and hydration. When creating menus and nutritional programmes, taste always comes first, and the food is then tailored to nutritional needs.
Starting out on a fitness journey, whether you are just starting to exercise or planning a new challenge, can be daunting. While there are many different factors that will decide whether you succeed, there are some basic building blocks you can adopt straight away to give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals.
In the Summer months many of us become attached to our water bottles but in the Winter a cold glass of iced water isn't generally seen as the drink of choice (especially when Mulled wine is on offer!). So what can we do?
Continuing with my recent theme about the importance of maintaining the right levels of hydration. I wanted to continue to reinforce just how important this aspect is, by illustrating some of the more extreme consequences of failure to do so.