Hydraulic fracturing

Anne-Marie Trevelyan also fought against wind farm developments in her rural constituency in northern England.
The government has "put a moratorium on fracking in England", said energy secretary Andrea Leadsom.
Labour’s shadow business secretary Rebecca Long Bailey has called for fracking to be banned.
Operations were paused for 18 hours after the 1.55 magnitude tremor.
Hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, is a process in which water and chemicals are injected into rocks at high pressure to extract gas. While plans to extract shale gas in the UK have stalled for the last seven years, companies are pushing for exploratory drilling to continue. Protestors have stopped progress at many sites around the UK and continue to call for all fracking plans to be stopped due to concerns about the environment, particularly drinking water and pollution.
This government should tread carefully when radicalising the middle class – history has myriad lessons for Theresa May’s administration but this is one they should heed
The toxic politics of fracking in Britain beg important questions: are our leaders serving the interests of the people, or their wealthy friends in the fracking industry? Whatever the answer, one thing is clear: the government's wilful disregard of legitimate public concerns over fracking is a shameful attempt to impose a future on this country that three-quarters of us do not want. Fracking, it seems, can poison democracy as well as the environment.
The oil is almost gone and the same will be true of gas sooner rather than later. Then what? Tar Sands or deep water drilling? This is simply ducking the hard questions and leaving it to future generations to deal with.
The announcement this week by the gas company Cuadrilla that it wants to drill and frack up to eight new wells in Lancashire has alarmed local people and green campaigners alike; they are worried about the impact of hydraulic fracturing - the controversial technique which involves injecting, at high pressure, a mixture of water, sand and chemicals into the earth to release shale gas - on the area's countryside and wider environment.
Police tackle fracking protesters This morning, Mr Medhurst and Ms Hynde superglued their hands together in a "human lock