Ian Austin

Personal letter from former Gordon Brown aide and minister sent to dozens of key marginals
Austin, who is to become trade envoy to Israel, accused the shadow chancellor of telling "a complete lie".
Former minister says he won't contest the general election.
Dudley North MP called party "a sewer" of anti-Semitism and was said to have lashed out at party chairman.
Parliament working with National Cyber Security Centre to secure computer network.
Parliament has been hit by a cyber attack with “unauthorised attempts” made to access parliamentary user accounts.  MPs on
Having opted out of social media because of death threats, I've encountered the dark misogyny that seeks to silence opinionated women. So I despaired when I saw this very real malaise being hijacked by prominent Labour MPs, including Heidi Alexander and Angela Eagle, to score points against a man they want to oust. Women in politics face many threats, Jeremy Corbyn isn't one of them.
But he was chastised by fellow Labour MP Ian Austin, who referenced the serial rebellions launched by Mr Morris, MP for Easington
The grisly United States Senate report published last week concluded that the use of torture by the CIA on detainees was
Galloway speaking in today's Iraq War debate "The only way a force that size could successfully hold the territory they hold