Ian Brady Tribunal

Moors murderer Ian Brady's failed bid to be transferred into a prison cost an NHS trust £200,000 in legal fees. The 75-year
The press have reported Ian Brady is providing his first public explanation for why he murdered five children in the 1960s, in evidence to a mental health review tribunal. Brady, it is reported, has requested the transfer to be allowed to kill himself by starvation. But is he truly bent on suicide, or is this all a charade to get media attention?
Moors murderer Ian Brady only comes out of his room at night and shuns contact with others believing them beneath him - but
Infamous child-killer, Ian Brady, has called his crimes an "existential exercise" that are "petty" compared to politicians
Moors murderer Ian Brady has been seen in public for the first time in decades as his mental health tribunal began. Brady
A TV documentary about Moors murderer Ian Brady will air on Monday with the approval of Winnie Johnson's family, Channel
Ian Brady has been told by the family of Keith Bennett to "do the decent thing" following the death of Bennett's mother, Winnie
Moors Murderer Ian Brady refused to co-operate with police when they launched a covert operation nine years ago to find the
Moors Murderer Ian Brady's mental health tribunal will be delayed because he is too ill to attend, a judge ruled today. Judge
Moors Murderer Ian Brady is undergoing a series of tests after being rushed to hospital. He is due to attend a mental health
The mother of Moors murder victim Keith Bennett says she hopes to come "face-to-face" with her son's killer after a judge
Moors Murderer Ian Brady will have his mental health tribunal hearing held in public, a judge has ruled. It will be only