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The family of the mother of Moors Murders victim Keith Bennett has vowed to continue the fight to find his body and give
Moors Murderer Ian Brady refused to co-operate with police when they launched a covert operation nine years ago to find the
The mother of Moors Murders victim Keith Bennett has died without knowing where her son is buried. According to her lawyer
Ian Brady's mental health advocate has told police she gave a letter in which he apparently reveals the location of one of
The film-maker behind the Channel 4 documentary that has unearthed a potentially vital clue in the Moors Murders has condemned
Even if Ian Brady's letter reveals the exact location of Keith Bennett's body, the chances of finding the remains of the
Keith's mother Winnie is very unwell. Her son's body has been missing for over 47 years Last month Mrs Johnson's solicitor
Why did you write a novel about her? About Myra Hindley, a woman who killed children? It's the question I'm most frequently asked about my novel, Myra, Beyond Saddleworth, and is both hard and easy to answer. The material was dark and disturbing, and many people can't understand why a writer would persevere with it. But that's the point. Unless we look, really look at the terrible things human beings do to each other, we have no chance of understanding how and why they happen.
Moors Murderer Ian Brady's mental health tribunal will be delayed because he is too ill to attend, a judge ruled today. Judge
Moors murderer Ian Brady has been discharged from hospital after he suffered a seizure and became 'acutely unwell', a spokesman