Ian Paisley

Ian Paisley accuses prime minister of insulting people’s intelligence after he describes post-Brexit disruption as “teething problems”.
From those "blood red" lines on Brexit negotiations, to calling the Irish PM a "nutcase".
The severity of the sanction reflects the seriousness of the offence
'You wouldn’t have got away with it' with Muslims, he claims.
A leading DUP MP has hit out at the “near universal hatred” of his party and compared it to Islamophobia. Iain Paisley Junior
Russia is not merely a menace to Ukraine and its own people, but to the rest of Europe and to international norms. That is not a parallel with Ireland or Britain.
Islamist group Al-Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center in New York on 11 September 2001 But academic studies consistently
Nature abhors a vacuum. I abhor referendums. Put them together, and you've got the current political climate in Scotland.