Ian Rankin

Every Briton needs an escape. Some find it on nightclub floors. Others find it amongst the foliage and greenery of public parks. For recluses, the library is our escape. It's our home. It's where we feel comfortable. It is as close to a utopia as we have ever found and we will always, albeit reluctantly, fight for that utopia.
We all have our own personal terrors. Often it's the unexpected that hits you when you're least expecting it. For Edwyn Collins, the singer and co-founder of band Orange Juice, it was suffering a debilitating stroke ten years ago. Hosted by author Ian Rankin, Edwyn had us roaring with laughter as he and Grace shared anecdotes with fans old and new.
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Inspector Rebus fans, in their millions, won't be surprised to learn that his creator Ian Rankin is reportedly responsible
Scottish writers are particularly successful in the crime genre. Something approaching a third of all traditionally published fiction in the UK this year falls into the category and it's one where Scots punch above their weight.
The leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, was refused alcohol at a concert she attended with another Tory
First stop the Jura Lodge to drop off our luggage and to freshen up. The Lodge is part of the distillery, and is housed over to the side of it. The first floor has four double bedrooms, and the second floor has an open plan kitchen with lounge area, and a private lounge off to the side.
If your own tastes run more to Henry James than E L James, you will find all this talk of tribes to be very far from your own understanding of the value of literature. If so, it's not all bad news.
Best-selling authors including Ian Rankin, Val McDermid and Lee Child have condemned "fraudulent" writers caught praising
Crime writer Ian Rankin has confirmed Inspector Rebus will return in a new novel out later this year called Standing in Another