The government and regulatory system is failing South Africans when it comes to this struggle to access information.
Icasa says a decrease in prices requires a more in-depth and detailed analysis.
There have been widespread complaints by consumers about high data prices, leading to the #DataMustFall movement.
It is essential that the probe gets to the bottom of the issue of channel payments – and the reasons for these payments.
It is just one of several investigations into claims that MultiChoice paid the SABC and ANN7 for political influence over government policy.
"We can't just leave the issues in the public domain. It needs to be discussed and a decision needs to be taken."
Former Icasa CEO Pakamile Pongwana reportedly received just short of a million rand, despite allegations of sexual harassment.
Voice out your frustration at the public hearings in September.
MTN said it was not aware that other mobile networks were zero-rating LTE.