ice bucket challenge

George Osborne has managed to dodge taking part in the ice bucket challenge, after was he challenged by Labour shadow chancellor
Typical. Just when you were possibly getting a little bit bored of the ice bucket challenge, a load of nuns come along and
The ALS ice bucket challenge is pretty straightforward, right? Well, no. As this video proves - and as this one did last
As the Ice Bucket Challenge hype begins to die down, a video with a difference has come to our attention. And we have to
If you still have no idea what the Ice Bucket Challenge is, then we can only assume you’ve been living in a cave for the
It's incredibly difficult to express a negative opinion about charitable activity without coming across as a cold-hearted, mean-spirited cynic. With the majority of fund-raising initiatives, the end will justify the means but that said, I can't be the only person sick to the back teeth of their Facebook news feed being full of self-satisfied people tipping buckets of iced water over their heads.
Pretty easy to pour some iced water over your head, right? Well, no. Take this lass. She's gone to great lengths to wear
#findmike A more modest success in terms of Twitter mentions, Find Mike was launched to help schizophrenic Jonny Benjamin
"Those doing the "Ice Bucket Challenge" are just trying to fit in." - These are the words of critiques. But if this raising awareness and donating to charity is becoming a trend - Why wouldn't people want to be part of that and why would should they receive criticism for doing so?
Well, it finally happened. The Ice Bucket Challenge has transcended this 3D physical realm and made it to Springfield. Yup