Google will revise its privacy policy to make it easier to read, understand and navigate in a new agreement with UK regulators
The most bizarre thing just happened. I sat down to write this blog on nuisance calls, and I received a PPI text message.
We are asked to believe that while the poor newspapers have been hounded over phone hacking, 'blue-chip companies' of all sorts are getting clean away with paying private investigators to break the law on a vast scale. What is striking about this claim is not the fragmentary evidence on which it is based nor the way it has been overblown in the newspapers (and we will return to those matters soon), but the breathtaking hypocrisy of it all.
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The information watchdog has reopened its investigation into Google's Street View cars and the personal data collected from
The UK privacy regulator is considering taking action against Google, after a US government report said senior executives
Education Secretary Michael Gove has insisted his officials had acted with the "highest standards of propriety" following
In a bid to ascertain the full extent of the use of private email accounts for official business between Michael Gove and
Almost half of students are worried that personal information posted online could affect their future careers, a survey suggests
The EU has recently amended the rules restricting use of cookies in a move set to put the lid on the cookie jar for businesses benefitting from the information they gather using them.