The final whistle was blown at the UEFA EURO 2012 championships last month, with Spain reasserting their superiority as European football's top side once again. As football fans and critics continue to review the highlights and controversies of the tournament, Spain isn't the only team celebrating success; the ICT team at UEFA has much to celebrate too.
Everybody I speak to in the IT industry agrees that the lack of job-focused IT skills in UK school leavers and graduates is causing recruitment problems in the technology sector at a time when we wrestle with unemployment across the country.
The english language, unlike computer coding, is beautiful. The language is ever changing, different words from different counties make it the language of business and love. It allows for many words or expressions to be used in many different ways. It has rules that can be broken without any seeming rhyme nor reason.
Technology classes are "a mess" and will be cut due to pupils being "bored out of their minds", education secretary Michael
Ofqual has confirmed no further exam papers scheduled for January are to be withdrawn as a result of investigations into
The school day should be extended to prepare pupils for the workplace, stop them joining gangs and give them a "haven" from
The teaching of information and computer technology (ICT) is inadequate in a fifth of secondary schools, according to the