Idris Elba James Bond

Idris Elba says the chance of him playing James Bond has passed. READ MORE: Roger Moore Denies 'Racist' Accusations Over
Idris Elba The veteran actor has now come under fire on social media for his comments, particularly in light of the fact
Former 007 actorPierce Brosnan has given Idris Elba his personal seal of approval to take over as James Bond when Daniel
Would a black Bond fail to convince because he would cut across the preconceptions of the audience? Of course, we are used to that sort of thing at the theatre...
Idris Elba has taken to Twitter to respond to rumours that he could be cast as the next James Bond. Daniel Craig looks set
Idris Elba can't play James Bond because he is black, is the latest claim by US shock jock Rush Limbaugh. Well, we know Idris
Idris Elba is the top choice to replace Daniel Craig when he retires from playing James Bond, according to the latest leaked