Why @sweden lets Sonja Abrahamsson continue her inane tweeting is something I can't quite comprehend. She is promoting the idea of an insular, racist country that doesn't welcome or accept those who are different.
Swedish furniture giant Ikea has been accused of racism after a security guard told a customer that gypsies weren't allowed
Scandinavian furniture giant Ikea has been fined £75,000 after a two-year-old boy had two of his fingers severed in a "traumatic
'The Next Big Thing?' is a series of blogs that will focus on small businesses and startup brands in the UK. Whether they are quirky, practical, pioneering or downright bizarre, this blog will shine the spotlight on what could be the next big thing...
IKEA is a hotbed of cheap wardrobes, tasty meatballs and angry, arguing couples. After all, though you may aim to nip in
The BBC and the spaghetti trees An oldie but a goodie, this hoax dates back to 1957, when the Beeb produced a fake three
Fans of Ikea can take their love of flat-pack furniture to the next level by living in Strand East, an entire London neighbourhood
What's happening now is an even bigger step. We are seeing the beginnings of a new social trend I've christened People Not Products. We're starting to care less about owning products than we did, as we begin to value other, 'human' things more.
In the race to capitalise on China’s rapidly expanding economy and the insatiable desire of its citizens for Western products