Illegal drug trade

In their largest burning of confiscated drugs to date, Panama's security forces burned 24 tonnes of cocaine and two tonnes of marijuana, in a remote area. The destroyed drugs were confiscated only in the last four months.
Hassan Akhtar, a former mosque chairman, was sentenced to eight years in prison at Reading Crown Court.
Gerald Matovu supplied a fatal dose of GHB to James Bond actor Eric Michels.
Three 25-year-old men who ran country drug lines were jailed for a total of 12.5 years.
A 13-year-old girl was arrested on suspicion of drug dealing.
The verdict was reached on the sixth day of jury deliberations.
“We witnessed many prisoners under the influence of drugs, and some openly using and trafficking them around the site."
“Just say no” has given half a century of moral satisfaction to its proponents but now it’s time to assess the cost
If Hermann's proposal gets approved in the near future, the "Berlin Wall of Pot" dividing the city's residents will come down, tourists will flock to the culture capital not just for the cheap living and turbulent nightlife but for cannabis cafes, and everyday Berliners will be able to pick up their ganja from a store counter, along with their milk and brötchen.