illegal immigrants

Under such a system, which requires countless checks to be carried out every day by untrained and unpaid immigration enforcement draftees, ethnic minorities, those with foreign accents, and the millions of British citizens who do not own passports are all at risk.
At the G7 Summit in Germany, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, said that more needs to be done to stop people leaving their homelands and crossing the Mediterranean. He emphasised that the UK could use its aid budget to stem the flow
In a timely show following last week's UKIP stampede on the European elections, tonight's 'Illegal Immigrant and Proud' show
Boris Johnson has warned David Cameron and Theresa May not to put the "vibe" of London that attracts skilled people from
Immigration is a topic you cannot discuss without being shouted down as a racist, some say. Despite the topic being apparently
Tory immigration minister James Brokenshire has been savaged by business groups for his "feeble and pathetic" speech as he
Goodbye racist vans! Thanks for the memories... The Home Office has finally confirmed what everyone already pretty much knew
A new bill that will stop illegal immigrants from opening bank accounts in Britain is to be introduced today, as part of
Doreen Lawrence has pledged to speak out over stop-and-check operations being carried out near railway stations in a crackdown
To most people I imagine, deterring illegal immigrants from committing a crime they'll have invariably already committed by the time they see the government's message warning against it, sounds completely illogical. (Not to mention exhausting). If only it were so simple though.