It's a database of movies and shows linked with sexual assault reports.
The IMDb Quotes page for the latest installment of the never-ending 'Terminator' franchise has been infiltrated by a joke
I was clearly never cut out to be a critic, but I'm fascinated by the process even to this day. In particular, I'm interested in what makes their opinions 'different' from those public ones to which the internet has given a voice.
'The Interview' is now one of the highest-rated films in the world, despite the fact that almost nobody has seen it. IMDB
I'm an independent filmmaker. I've tried a lot of different ways of giving stuff away free over the years. However, shooting movies isn't free, and at some point in the process you need to make sure that someone gives you some money, otherwise you don't get to make any more independent movies.
If you are anything like the actors I live with however, you'll just get drunk and play a massive game of Hollywood top trumps!
You cannot half watch a Danish subtitled drama while tweeting, if you do you may well miss that vital clue or coalition negotiation. They force the viewer to put down their phone, switch off their laptop, slip on a nice knitted jumper and convince themselves that if they concentrate hard enough they really can understand Danish.
The Titanic is probably the most famous ship/vessel/boat in history (with maybe the exception of the Love Boat) and the reason it is so famous is because it CRASHED! They were never going to make a film about an apparently unsinkable ship completing its journey without a hiccup.