IMF Bailout

There will be no more negotiations with Greece until after Sunday’s referendum, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday
What kind of system have we created where our elite inflict austerity on ordinary people that causes misery and suffering to millions, while financiers and gamblers of financial markets enjoy such a bonanza of riches? The mind boggles.
If we could replace this growth meme with another, the idea that human, animal and environmental wellbeing are the goal, and that growth is not always the best way to achieve this, we could save ourselves. The question is, can we do this before it's too late?
As I write, an MoD plane carrying one million Euros is being airlifted to Cyprus for UK military personnel. It must be a new and very literal definition of 'helicopter money'. And that's the problem. As long as policymakers continue to opt for radically different solutions in every case - then fear and loathing will never be far away from markets and now, once again, from savers.
A man died during violent clashes in Athens as 40,000 strikers pitted themselves against riot police on the streets of the
A narrow election win for Greece's pro-bailout party New Democracy cheered investors today in the hope that the embattled
The chair of the influential Commons Treasury committee Andrew Tyrie has described the prospects for the British economy
The UK could have to lend billions of pounds into the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as part of the European Union's bailout
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Stock exchanges are braced for the start of another potentially turbulent week as they react to reports
In these times of pinching pennies, monetary McCarthyism in the public sector and the savage exposure of any "drain" on public finance, it was interesting to see one rather faceless block of tax payers' money hit the stream recently, without very much of a splash.