immersive theatre

Operation Black Antler draws on this work. It may sound like a game but it's a very serious kind of play. It puts you in a position of power and invites you to consider how to use it. At its heart is a simple question: if you were in charge of surveillance, what would you do?
SPID's latest performance Arthur's World, took the council estate to the attic space of the Bush Theatre. It was staged in an 'immersive' environment, meaning the audience were invited inside the fictional world of the play; character Arthur's council estate flat.
Shearing layers sound, text and image. His pieces have no live performers; instead the work is designed to encourage audience members to engage deeply with the scenographic elements.
The niche that Grimm Tales is aiming for is not easily achieved - open for the above eights, but also entertaining for adults - and perhaps this is the production's downfall. At times, the script is tickling and enjoyable, yet at other moments it is glaringly poor and simplistic, whereas, when taken as a whole, the evening is of somewhat formulaic fantasy...
Punchdrunk have many ardent followers and I have been a fan of their previous productions but, for me, this one didn't work on an emotional level. I would plunge myself into immersive theatre again as I find it challenging and interesting but next time I'd prefer an environment where it is clearer where the emotional heart of the story lies.
The rapid rise of immersive theatre, which plunges the actors and audience into the same space, has rendered the old-fashioned theatre all but redundant. These days, the most exciting productions are happening beyond the theatre walls.
What is the future of technology-obsessed man? In broad brushstrokes, that's the big question the latest site-specific production
Critics have a bit of a reputation for watching your work with what locals up here would call 'a face like a smacked arse' but when I forced her to sit in my eyeline and wear a party hat like everyone else she looked engaged and even LOL'ed - why was I staring at her during the show as if I could predict her review or manipulate her experience?