Immigration Bill

This is no way to make legislation. Ministers should be open and honest with MPs and peers about their intentions, so that they can be properly challenged. I will continue to do all I can to make that happen.
This week, after years of progress, the Conservative government's Immigration Bill, currently going through the House of Lords, contains some draconian new powers and new criminal offences... After decades of progress the Tories now risk turning the clock back.
Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham has warned that planned immigration rules for landlords could shift Britain back to the
A new UK asylum strategy must treat every asylum seeker on their merits, and ensure that Britain plays its full part in a humane international response to the global refugee crisis. We need early confirmation of both. The Prime Minister is fond of saying that Britain should use 'head and heart' to shape our refugee policy. We agree. There is no place for scare-mongering, or arbitrary limits on our compassion.
Is it just me and the fact that I have my Google alerts set to pick up all immigration-related articles, or is immigration the word on everyone's lips? With the EU election having just past and the UK election being less than 12 months away, immigration will continue to be the buzz word on the political frontline for some time to come.
Many European countries accept the vulnerability and health risk of pregnant women and exempt maternity care from charging, even for women with irregular migration status. By contrast, the UK plans to continue charging for maternity care, stating that even destitute women will be asked to pay.
One of the familiar gripes of those opposed to immigration is that we don't talk about it; but if you're a migrant, it feels like we do little else. Early February show on Channel 5, the Big British Immigration Row, sums up everything that's wrong with the current discourse on immigration: lots of heat and very little light.
In the debate the Home Secretary claimed that the whole point of the measure to make it easier to remove certain people from the UK. However she was unable to explain how she was going to remove people whom she had rendered stateless and so would have no passport.
Here are the five things you need to know on Friday 31 January 2014... 1) DAVE BLINKS Yesterday, Dave Cameron looked his
A group of Tory MPs are backing a proposed ban on HIV positive immigrants to Britain, in a move that has been labelled "the