By committing to this target without due consideration to the impact on students and entrepreneurs, the Government risks crippling one of the UK's fastest-growing sectors and setting in motion a march to other cities - like Paris - who are waiting with open arms to greet our top tech talent.
David Cameron has dismayed Tory backbenchers after ditching plans for a cap on the number of European migrants coming to
The coalition's immigration crackdown has put skilled workers off coming to Britain while failing to control migration, a
Vince Cable has "let down" universities by failing to stop home secretary Theresa May's net migration cap, which has caused
David Cameron and home secretary Theresa May are in danger of "damaging our economy as we begin to recover" by setting an
George Osborne's own Budget relies on ministers failing on a key Tory pledge to reduce net migration to below 100,000. The
Nick Clegg has pledged to block any fresh attempts to curb immigration from the European Union, insisting "this is where
Coalition plans to curb EU immigration could cost the UK economy £60 billion and send national debt soaring, according to
The government's cap on non-EU migrant workers will stifle the growth of many British businesses and limit our export exposure