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After it was confirmed last month that the Zika virus does cause microcephaly in babies, researchers at University of California
Winter puts enormous pressure on the NHS as common mild infections spread rapidly and demand for healthcare soars.
You don't have to know Finnish to understand what's going on in the video above. HIV positive man Janne bravely stands with
In January, the coldest, baddest, longest month of them all, our immune systems could do with a boost to help us avoid joining
Upon waking on Sunday morning still with the feeling of discomfort in my throat, I decided to take my juicing that one step further, I do love a good vegetable juice more than a fruit juice. I have been finding juicing difficult in the cooler months, I like to be warm so I decided to juice vegetables with ginger to create that warming effect.
The scientific evidence that fasting can be beneficial to our health is mounting. Previous studies have shown that starving
Our immune system through the ages. At birth, a baby's immunity relies upon antibodies and gut flora passed from their mothers. Over time the new baby builds up his or her own immune system through a combination of exposure to the environment, mother's milk and eventually the vitamin, minerals and other nutrients in weaning foods.
"The results are interesting flavors, textures, and smells. Before refrigeration, curing meats, pickling vegetables, and
The short term effects of poor sleep may be tiredness and a lack of concentration but there is far more serious long term
One of the nation's leading doctors has urged people not to ignore niggling health problems just because it is Christmas