One question that has consistently been ducked by the warmongering interventionists, who range from encouraging arms sales to jihadis to openly calling for the abandonment of all negotiations, is this: Can we trust David Cameron when it comes to foreign policy?
Syria is now the frontline in a struggle between western powers intent on a unipolar world, and a Russian and Chinese-led
Towards the end of the ninth century, Pope Stephen VI had the body of his predecessor Formosus exhumed, dressed in its sacerdotal
Artists are often the black sheep of their families. This can be chalked up to any number of factors, but it's usually because they refuse to devote their lives to making money like the rest of the world. The odd one out: the idealist who has high-flying dreams that exist beyond the material plane.
As the Syrian conflict moves up a gear in intensity with the assassination of key members of the regime in a bomb attack in Damascus, it would be a mistake to consider events in Syria in isolation from the rest of the region.
At its inception in 1945, the IMF was disputed by two rival tendencies. The British group, led by the brilliant economist J Maynard Keynes, envisaged an organisation which would act to regulate capital flow world-wide in order to cap national deficits, and so avoid the employment crises and economic collapses which had wracked the world economy of the 30s.
It isn't when people are proved right that they become convinced of the righteousness of their arguments. It is when they have been proved wrong.