Incredible Edible Todmorden

If that action includes bringing people together around food, supporting local food-based businesses and helping people to learn how to grow, cook and share food in ways that preserve resources for future generations, it can open up the conversations we need to have about land: who owns it, who can use it, how it can be used sustainably and who benefits from its use.
How can a town grow its own high street, with little or no help from outside? A century ago that would have been a strange question: every town's high street had grown more or less organically and was an expression of the industry and resources of the locality.
One: They're urine-resistant, apparently. According to Mary Clear of Incredible Edible Todmorden, a drunk will pee on a petunia but not on a parsnip. People seem hard-wired to respect food.
Why is it so hard for Tesco to stock chard? After all, their website sings the praises of 'real food', telling us that 'whether you're a shopper, a farmer, a master chef or an everyday cook, it's time to show food a little love'.
Tony, the chef at Todmorden High School, has had a long weekend. On Saturday he was cheerfully dishing up casseroles to around