The Ukip candidate for Kent Council Council has provoked outrage after publishing a manifesto that called for disabled foetuses
For those, like myself, who want to see Scotland take its place amongst that community of nations that is Europe, these are challenging times that demand real leadership.
I don't mind being single. I like the freedom it gives me and I absolutely love sleeping alone. There is nowhere in the world more fun than my bed - even when I'm the only one in it.
Two months ago I, along with other "experts", attended  a Parliamentary Working Group to answer questions about government IT projects. This was a Parliamentary group of MPs investigating the many IT failures of the government.
It is no secret that the majority of Kurds, if not in fact, all of them, would love to see an independent Kurdistan. And the easiest way for a Kurdish politician to become popular is to call for an independent state.
Shortly after the South declared independence, the Sudanese government stripped southerners of their citizenship and began deporting them en masse from what some of them consider the only home they've ever known.
When the people of South Sudan went to a referendum in January last year to decide on whether to split from Sudan, the result was decisive. Nearly 99% voted in favour of independence. After decades of instability, many Southern Sudanese hoped that separation from Sudan would end the country's troubles and pave the way for democratisation and essential development.
Establishing judicial studies as a respectable and rigorous academic field could not only increase public understanding and interest in the judiciary, but it could also serve to improve the quality and openness of our legal system.
Hollywood took on Holyrood yesterday - and Holyrood won. Donald Trump swept theatrically into the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh intent on halting construction of a pioneering offshore wind turbine test centre near his controversial golf course, north of Aberdeen. But faced with the polite, persistent questioning of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs), Trump visibly ran out of steam.
If Scotland becomes independent would I still be able to be referred to hospitals in England? I can't take any chances, and at the moment while I would prefer to stay put in Edinburgh, I'm looking to relocate to the vicinity of the hospital that is willing and able to treat me, in London.