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Ken Loach's I, Daniel Blake started an important conversation on the benefits system in the UK and the attacks on the working class. He is one illustrious example of why independent films need to be made, especially in today's intensely polarised world.
As well as highlighting issues in Hollywood, GLAAD and other media organisations need to help distribute, advertise, and champion these bold, bright, and beautiful stories that the LGBTQ+ community crave. They are essential in forming our cultural identities and, in a time when homophobia and transphobia are on the rise, these films make our community stronger.
If i were to rate the film Magpie, I could not conceive it getting less than 5/5 stars. A truly compelling masterpiece of
All I hear is how terrible the challenges facing independent filmmakers. Coming back from the Cannes Film Festival this spring I ran into two veteran British film producers who between them had produced nigh onto 60 features, been nominated for or won several Oscars and who by any standard are considered to be highly successful...
Perhaps before you set off to your film festival you should take stock and try and understand why attending a film festival is so important in the first place. Some filmmakers who come to Raindance in the heart of London UK come because they want to see the world, and others come because they want to network.
I don't care which side of the political divide you sit on--whether you think the EU is a champion of human rights or simply a front to cover up the excesses of big business. The Leave vote is regressive, reactionary, isolationist and divisive. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that Raindance rejects all that the Leave vote implies.
A colleague suggested that the best starting point would be to use a free online service to prepare 'auto-detect' subtitles, which could then be proof-read and edited before being exported and attached to the new version of the movie for Amazon. This seemed like a damn good starting point. It worked! Well, it sort of worked.
It's easy to write off what Louis CK is doing as being a result of his success. Most of us can't afford to hire Alan Alda for an impromptu web-series, but still there are lessons we can learn.
On January 23rd, we're going to screen the movie for the public for the first time at my favourite film festival in the world, Horror-on-Sea. Then, after that premiere, we destroy that version and never screen it again.
I remember wanting to find someone like me. Some one who was in my situation. I wanted to know if we thought the same things, if we felt the same way. Did other people worry about what I worried about? Where they more confident in their decision making?