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Journalists including Robert Peston have lamented the "tragedy" of The Independent On Sunday's closure, as the title closes
As much some who live in the post-Leveson era are unkind to the newspapers and pour scorn upon them for bias, sensationalism and selective reporting - they are still worth defending. There is something relaxing about a newspaper in the way that it requires our undivided attention to use properly because when devouring news online we can become distracted by texts, tweets, pop-ups and other modern day nuisances.
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Conversely, whether in print or online, critics with experience, expertise and a sense of responsibility should be championed. Those guiding voices make an essential contribution, with respected critical approbation translating into financial backing for many institutions and projects, and new voices handed a megaphone.
We have heard of the horrendous gang-rape in India. There have been several articles on how it is indicative of a patriarchal society. But this problem is not India's alone; and at least Indian citizens, both male and female, have been outraged enough to protest and demand change from their government - can we say the same?
The Independent on Sunday will not face action over the decision to publish a story about Andy Coulson that contained details
The editor of the Independent on Sunday, John Mullin, has been forced to explain his decision to publish a story about Andy
Most voters are against scrapping the 50p tax rate for top earners - including half of Tory supporters, a poll suggested
After the rumours circulating this week suggested that Rupert Murdoch was planning to launch his Sunday version of the Sun