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Whether a child has just started school or in their final year, most parents want to know how they can best support their children's education and play their part in the school community. But it's not always easy to get the balance right when you are juggling work and other commitments.
With children and young people spending so much time in school, there is a growing awareness among teachers and parents of the need to work together to address any issues early. But what steps do schools take to help them spot problems? And how can parents help?
High on the 'to do' list is preparing for the long summer holiday - yes, schools are already planning the measures they will put in place to prevent pupils from experiencing summer learning loss, the fall back in progress that can occur when children are away from school for long periods of time.
'Competition is about looking sideways at what others are doing, whereas aspiration, which is much more healthy, is about looking forwards and concentrating your efforts on what is ahead of you.'
This is a situation that schools can come across. While the vast majority of parents are active members of the school community, there are often a minority who need a little extra support from the school to play a more prominent role in their child's education.
But as parents, what inspiration can we get from the seasonal activities going on in schools that might help us to keep the warmth and generosity of Christmas going once the festivities have come to an end?
But you need to look beyond the spit and polish of the open day to find the right school for your child. Here are some key things to think about when selecting the first choice school for your child:
As parents, many of us have ticked the usual tasks off the to-do list that signify the start of a new academic year - shopping for uniform and shoes, helping your child to choose a new school bag and making sure they have everything they need in their pencil case.
Baroness Warsi has switched sides from leave to remain, proving that with four days to go until the referendum, not everyone is decided. The latest polls suggest remain is pulling back into the lead but a poll is pure speculation and the fact is there's still everything to play for. Bookies have slashed the price of remaining - a much stronger tell.