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At the end of the film, the parents of the murdered girl, Jyoti, offer profound hope by reflecting that their daughter's name means 'light' and that even in death, Jyoti ignited a light in her country that continues to burn because the people have vowed to protest, to press for justice and equality for women.
A German professor rejected an Indian student from an internship because she did not agree with the country's "rape problem
Mukesh Singh is brought to Delhi High Court under high security for hearing on 24 September 2013 The harrowing words of this
A man sentenced to death for the brutalgang rape and murder of Indian student Jyoti Singh in 2012 has claimed female victims
Police arrested three Indians after the brutal gang raping of a 22-year-old Japanese research scholar near a Buddhist pilgrimage
Village elders in India have ordered a woman's nose to be cut off following a complaint from the man who allegedly raped
It's a very black stain against it that the government of India has refused to dismantle a legal framework that allows a man to have non consensual sex with any woman (whatever his relationship to her), or to dismantle a legal framework that allows a man to legally have sex (consensual or not) with a fifteen year old child.
A teenage girl in India defended herself against her rapist uncle by cutting off his penis with a knife. And local police
Afsana is 16 and has just heard she has passed grade nine of her secondary school. This is cause for celebration because she is the first female from the Indian village of Mehluka to achieve this level of education.
It seems that politicians in India's largest and most politically important state are currently trying to outdo each other