Born and raised in Mumbai and having done a fair bit of travelling around India has given me not just the best experiences
China has begun sea trials of its latest piece of military hardware, a refitted Soviet aircraft carrier that has the potential
Technological capacity for producing graphics has mushroomed in recent years, and the consequences are obvious across all the media
The NHS is about what people need and not what they want. That's the intention with which it was set up, and indeed that is how modern medicine is set up. And the boundaries between what folk need and want have become totally blurred.
It is nearly five years since Sandhya got married to Dablu. It was a grand ceremony by all accounts involving music, singing
England take on India at Trent Bridge in the second test.
Multiculturalism, for all its faults was the first serious ideological exercise at this coexistence after initial disastrous attempts at assimilation. But multiculturalism is only an ideology and like all ideologies has its limitations. The alternative is not to go back into assimilationist policies. This will merely be a modern version of fortress Europe.
If you were one of those who followed the first test over the last five days, you will have no doubts whatsoever in your mind that England was the better of the two sides and India kept playing catch up all the time, only to succumb before the sun had set on the pristine turf at Lord's.
After claiming the first bout of the battle, England is moving in for a kill with a clinical bowling performance on day three of the Lord's test riding on a brilliant day in the park for the comeback man Stuart Broad (4/37). His spectacular show with the ball has reduced Rahul Dravid's fine century to more of a consolation for team India.
Even if you were away on another planet and returned just in time to catch the happenings on Lord's over last two days, you wouldn't have missed much- barring the hype and hoopla around the 2000th test of course!