Indian fashion

Giving guests a chance to view his latest collection up, close and personal, it was clear he satisfied a craving for exquisite and detailed design. Draping was a key feature for this collection.
Whoever said that fashion is not an art form clearly hasn't seen the work of Indian designer Suneet Varma. For over 25 years Suneet has been the driving force behind Indian fashions rise on the world stage.
In the digital age, the design business has exploded, whether it is traditional brands making their mark online, or off the
Fresh from Delhi and Mumbai fashion week, Abraham & Thakore have amazed everyone with their latest collections, which seamlessly meld the old with the new. Indian fashion is at an exciting crossroads at the moment, with designers being inspired by Indian culture and global culture at large.
For a long time, the lack of good menswear designs coming out of India irked me to say the least. With its myriad of genius