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I've travelled all over India, and will continue to do so, taking the same precautions I always have. But do other women feel differently? To find out, I asked a group of professional women who either live in India, or travel there often, how they feel about their safety in India...
As a white, Western woman myself, visiting India in 2014 was a huge eye opener. Fortunately I didn't see any aggressive sexism myself, but, alas, I did experience what is now known as 'every day sexism.'
Women are first and foremost human beings, and to consider them solely in relation to familial roles is deeply chauvinistic. We don't, in India or anywhere else, only exist as mothers, daughters and wives, and should not have to be considered as such to be safe in the presence of men. It's that simple.
A village in Northern Indian has banned women from using mobile phones amid fears they encourage affairs and cause women
An Indian lingerie firm has launched a campaign urging women to ditch their ill-fitting bras with the somewhat sinister slogan
India is now apparently one of the most dangerous places in the world for women.