"If you are Indian and you are racist you know we are talking to you. That's why you get angry."
'He isn’t telling Indians to go back home, but judging by the reactions on social media, that is the message his supporters are walking away with.'
The EFF leader has made headlines with allegations against Indian and coloured South Africans. We rounded up of his 5 most controversial statements.
This is what tweeps are saying about Juju's latest attack on Indians.
The EFF's online army makes the Gupta bots look like amateurs.
Treasury has long ago broken the so-called 'cappuccino effect' — in which companies have a few black people on top (the cinnamon) on an otherwise white leadership (the cream), with black people being the coffee at the bottom.
Attending extended family gatherings increases your likelihood of hearing vile racial slurs against black people.
A true and lasting turning point it certainly is a year in which more women continue to embark a seat in Parliament, including a more ethnically diverse pool of candidates than we have seen before. In all, more progress and new challenges and why The Women's Equality Party is so badly needed in modern society.
Athiraman Kannan took off his shoes and laid them on the carpet. It was cool, pleasant and fragrant as perpetual sun lashed the tinted windows of the Burj Al Khalifa. Next he smashed the air vent and started crawling through the twists and turns. He was 148 floors above the city.
I am an Indian living in Britain. I hate shaving. Having never been a creature of habit, I detest the sheer routine of tepid water and lacerated skin. This persistent sanding down of pebbledash on my face; what for? I am content with a bit of beard. Leave me be.