indie film

Imagine you've come up with this hair-brained idea to shoot a feature film in six months time. You've literally set a date when you will press record on whatever camera you've managed to get your sweaty palms on. Now imagine you have the following: No script, no cast, no clue. Know anybody who would be that daft? You do now.
Taking Stock is a new comedy-drama film by award-winning filmmaker Maeve Murphy. I attended its pre-release screening. This
How do we prevent WW3? Well if you're the US State Department than the first thing you do is make sure we're all sharing
Independent cinema simply has a lot more heart and honesty than many of the big productions can hope for. Three movies into this year's programme and I can honestly say that thus far I have not been disappointed.
Wow. This 43 year old man was transported back to 1982 when I was just turning 13, had my collection of Star Wars figures and finding first love. Filmmaker Andy Dodd has captured that moment beautifully in It's a Love Thing.
There is nothing like social media that brings people together from different continents. Being an author about adversity and diversity, I was drawn to the story of indie filmmaker Marcus Markou from the United Kingdom. A man with a similar background to myself in the arts, I loved reading his blog about what he has gone through to get his film "Papadopoulos & Sons" made and into theaters for people to see it.