The British mother arrested in Bali on suspicion of drug trafficking has told how she cannot eat or sleep. Rachel Dougall
A British woman being held over a £1.6 million cocaine haul in Indonesia has been taken to hospital, according to reports
A six-year-old girl faces losing her mother after the British woman was arrested over a £1.6 million cocaine haul in Indonesia
A British woman facing the death penalty after being arrested in Bali on suspicion of being part of a million pound drug
Lady Gaga has cancelled her upcoming concert in Indonesia amid security concerns after weeks of mounting protests from religious
If Christians, Ahmadis, atheists and Muslims who believe in religious freedom, mutual respect and pluralism stand up for each other, we can defeat the preachers of hate.
A harrowing video of a woman slapping, beating and pinching a crying baby has gone viral – a year after she was charged and
A Russian passenger plane has vanished from radar with 44 people on board. The Sukhoi SuperJet 100 went missing in West Java
BaliSpirit Festival was one of the most delicious feasts my being has been treated to in a while. In and out through the
This spring I went to Bali for the second time in the last few months. Last time I left with a heavy sense of unaccomplishment; I didn't quite connect to the place. So I needed to make up for it this time round. Delving into what Bali is all about - all things health & spirituality - felt like the right thing to do. Luckily, there are plenty of places on the island of Gods to do that.