The infant was hit in the face with eggs thrown by a suspect who is believed to be a white male.
Mums rave about the transformative impact of surgery. But experts say more research on the frenotomy option is needed.
Two men arrested as newborn baby delivered at scene after its mother was stabbed to death is critically ill in hospital.
Some newspapers reported that she had "vanished", but her lawyer denied the claims.
A newborn baby girl was rescued from a stormwater drain in South Africa on 11 February after being stuck for several hours. A local journalist captured the moment the child was removed from the drain by emergency services personnel.
Rachel Tunstill, 28, was found guilty after murdering her newborn baby daughter and putting the body in a kitchen bin, then claiming she suffered a miscarriage.
Police are concerned for the welfare of a woman whose newborn baby was found dead on a beach in Ireland. A local volunteer
Olivia Nalwanga and her two-week-old son Zeus were last seen on Saturday.