A new genetic test could help doctors rapidly diagnose meningitis and other killer bacterial infections and help save lives
It's not just a mother's kiss that can kill, it is anyone who visits a newborn baby. It's not just a death sentence, but for those babies who survive, it can mean acute lifelong disabilities, liver damage and severe brain damage caused by meningoencephalitis. This is entirely preventable if you would share this story and encourage others to do so too.
Compared to most global crises, antibiotic resistance has received little attention. This week, the topic finally found its rightful place at the top of the news agenda but this is just the beginning: it is going to take a lot to even slow this down. Antibiotic resistance affects the health of every single person - and it is going take every one of those people to help overcome it.
If like me, you're not a dentist, your response may well be 'so what?' Given the level of other diseases we hear about, like ebola, that reaction is understandable. So why is oral health important, when there's so much else in the news?
In similar vein, stories of a health dividend from a "divine connection" - often called prayer - are slowly but surely being woven into the growing debate about the importance of life's immeasurables.
Red grapes and blueberries both contain compounds that work with vitamin D to boost the immune system, research suggests
A simple course of antibiotics could relieve chronic back pain for up to 40% of sufferers, scientists claim. Researchers
The lead singer of Australian punk band Frenzel Rhomb has revealed he has had surgery to remove a pig tapeworm from his brain
Zinc plays a vital role in fighting infection by preventing the immune system from spinning out of control, research has
A new study suggests that a pet dog could protect children from breathing problems in early life. According to a study published